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5 Key Marketing Tips Preparing For Post Covid-19 Lockdown


5 key marketing tips for post Lockdown planning, is aimed to help you strive to re-establish the foundations of our businesses. We talk about Call to Action, Act Fast, Be responsible and Review and Revise.

It does seem now that we have made it past Q1 2021 that progress is being made, however it seems very clear that social distancing of a kind will be with us for some time to come.

OK so we don't know the roadmap for sure, but that is not an excuse for any business to sit and wait. You need to plan now for that eventual date. Here are some things to consider:


Covid-19 marketing tips


Don’t assume your customers know you’re open

Just because all barber shops or restaurants are open again, don’t assume your customers, and your community, know that YOU are open too. Put the “Open for Business” poster in your window. Hang the banner on the front railings. Organise that leaflet drop around your community. Assume nothing. Tell the world you are back in business!


Call to action – enticing offers

Give your customers that “welcome back” feeling. Maybe a free coffee with every haircut in your first week back, or a great deal on lunchtime meals. Whatever your offer is, it creates that “call to action” which helps drive footfall from day one. This also creates a sense of appreciation amongst your clients, and should assist you in retaining as many of these customers as you can.


Act fast – beat your competitors

Don’t wait to see how things pan out. If you prepare in advance you can hit the ground running. Anything that can be planned, prepared, designed or actioned now, get it done. Have the banner ready, get the leaflets printed. Once the lockdown is lifted for your sector you can go full steam ahead from day one, getting ahead of your competitors.


Be responsible – Covid-19 rules and signage

This virus is not going to go away overnight. We will still be required to manage our businesses in a responsible fashion. Consider the layout of your premises. Do you need to make adjustments for the safety of staff and customers? Do you have the appropriate signage in place? Do you require protective equipment, etc.? Know what is expected of you and act accordingly. Not only do we need to do the right thing, we need to be seen to be doing the right thing. Your staff and customers will appreciate your efforts.


Review and Revise

Many believe that the world will never be the same again. The way we interact, and the way we do business, has probably changed for good. So, when you have all of your tactics in place and executed, be mindful to review for effectiveness. Your efforts might need to be fine-tuned or adjusted to ensure you are hitting the right notes with your customer base. Change what is not working, and do more of what is working. Oh, and don’t forget, your competitors are still around. Keep a close eye on how they are doing things too.

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