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The Application of Floor Graphics


Our PVC floor graphics can be used on most floor surfaces, with the exception of carpets and mats, and uneven surfaces. Here, we will discuss Floor cleaning prep, applying the floor graphic, some helpful notes and removal after use.


Floor Cleaning Prior to Application

Remember, the adhesive for any film graphic will only adhere properly if the surface is clean and the graphic is applied correctly. All floors have to be cleaned and degreased prior to application of your floor graphics. First clean the floor in the normal way with a regular floor detergent, and ensure the floor is completely dry.


Applying The Floor Graphic

Make sure that the edges of the floor graphic never start at a tile edge or joint or on a parquet floor joint.

Put the laminated graphic upside down and place on a flat surface. From the top edge, peel back about 25 to 30mm of the backing paper or film and crease it, then return the backing film to the original position. This preparation will aid initial adhesion later. Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers. Important - peel the backing paper away from the laminated graphic and not the laminated graphic from the backing paper.

Determine the exact position where the floor graphic will be applied. Place the graphic on the required floor position and hinge the top edge with 50mm ”masking tape – half on the floor and half on the graphic. Check the alignment and when you are satisfied that all is correct, lift the graphic and peel away about 25 to 30mm of the release paper or film from the back. Let the graphic fall into position without the adhesive taking a strong hold and recheck positioning. The folded backing will help keep the adhesive off the surface. Tack the top edge, ensuring that it goes down flat and true. Next, peel away about 100mm of backing film. Start at the top centre and wipe downwards and outwards using a flat squeegee blade. Peel away another 100mm of backing film and continue with overlapping strokes downwards and outwards until finished. Gently remove the masking tape. Pull it across the film at an acute angle not at 90 degrees.


Application - Helpful Notes

Ambient temperature range, for fitting, is recommend to be 15°C to 25°C. Allow at least 30 minutes for the adhesion to build up sufficiently prior to walking on the graphic. All adhesives will “cure” over a period of 6 to 24 hours until full adhesion has been obtained. Avoid walking on, washing, cleaning or otherwise disturbing the graphic for a 24 to 48 hour period if possible.

Vinyl application fluids are designed to make the application of pressure sensitive vinyl and decals quick and easy by allowing you time to position your graphics and remove air bubbles prior to adhesion. The application fluid wets the surface, allowing you to slide the graphics until you get the exact placement. You do not need to worry about the adhesive sticking before you are ready and application fluids are great when working with large graphics. 


Removal After Use

Removal of floor graphics will be greatly eased by the use of a hot air gun to soften the adhesive as you peel it away from the surface.

Floor graphics can easily be removed, without leaving adhesive residues, by starting the removal at a corner and then continue the removal at 90° angle. Dirty contour edges on the floor may appear after graphic removal: these can be removed through the normal cleaning procedures for the floor to which the graphic was applied.


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