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Why Choose Digital Printing?


Digital printing provides a huge amount of choice. The features and flexibility far outweigh the older printing methods and techniques. Clients today expect print accuracy and colour matching of the highlest level. Therefore they need printers to be able to produce cost effective, high quality, short run colour printing in the quickest time possible. It is therefore advisable to seek guidance from your digital printer to choose the most suitable materials and processes to achieve your end result. The guide below will assist you in understanding the advantages of digital printing:


High Quality: Quality consistency is paramount. The print colours display perfectly on the each print, without any harsh lines or colour deviation. With digital printing, the quality of the last item in your batch will be as good as that of the first.

Timeliness: Provided the artwork is accurate, it is simple to rip to print format and commence the job. There are very few steps in the digital printing process.

Cost Effective: Because printing plates are not required, there is less investment involved to set up a single job.

Short Runs: Large format digital printing is the ideal method of producing single prints versus traditional print methods.

Customisation: Digital printing provides the most affordable solution to customise print materials, especially large format prints and signage.



Using the latest digital print technology, combined with premium print materials, Banner Printing continues to produce premium print results, guaranteeing customer satisfaction on each and every occasion. We use only the latest ROLAND digital print equipment as it offers us a premium quality print and colour matching result every time.

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