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How we produce your quality PVC Banner


How we produce your quality PVC banner. Before we start the banner production process, we must first select the optimum PVC material for the task. There are basically two types of banner material; laminate and coated. Laminate is a single-layered product which offers little movement in varying temperatures. For example, when used in colder weather, laminate tends to become hard and brittle. You will often notice banners hanging out in the cold which have cracked or become split in numerous locations. Coated, on the other hand, is dual coated. These two layers of PVC are fused in opposite directions, and therefore offer more flexibility when the temperature changes. This basically makes coated PVC banners far more durable for longer. We, at banner printing, only use coated PVC.

PVC banner materials come in a variety of weights, from as light as 350 grammes per square metre (gsm). The heavier the material the more durable the banner will be. We use a 510gsm pvc product as it provides the optimum performance for weather conditions in Ireland.

So now we need to print our design or message on the PVC, and there are a number of technologies available for this task. We prefer to use digital print technology as this enables us to print any type of image (photographic or animated) with the greatest degree of sophistication. It also allows us to use the full colour gamut, which creates super vibrancy and detail.

Ok, so now the material has been selected and the banner is printed. We now need to get it to the finished state for mounting. When the banner is mounted it needs to stay up without it being ripped down or blown away. We could simply cut the printed banner for the PVC material and punch eyelets into the corners. However, we are not confident that this provides the eyelets with enough support to remain in place.

Our banners are given a hem all round for additional strength. This basically means we leave enough extra PVC material on all four margins, so we can fold it to the back, creating an extra strong hem to support all four sides of the banner.

Now we need to select the correct eyelets to complete the banner. We use either brass or nickel eyelets. Both of these metals are strong enough to support the banner, and most importantly, they will not rust. Again, you might see banners in various outdoor locations which have streaks of rust running down the banner. This has occurred because regular metal eyelets have been used. They begin to rust over time and cause streaks to destroy the banner image.

Creating a quality banner is not rocket science, however it is important for us to outline how we produce your banner to a standard which will look great and last in Irish weather conditions.

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