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Applying Static Cling Graphics




Installation Instructions

Static Cling window decals are best installed with water. It's important to make sure you don't get oil or dirt from your fingers on the adhesive when you start to peel the graphic from the release liner. Wash your hands before you start and touch the adhesive surface as little as possible during installation.


Surface Preparation

Static Cling will adhere to glass and other smooth surfaces. Clean the surface and dry with a lint free cloth. Do not use any cleaner that contains ammonia or it can cause the adhesive to fail. Alcohol is the most effective and safest cleaner to use. Graphics should be trimmed so that they are at least 1/8" away from window frames and seals to allow for expansion. The graphic will not adhere to silicone edging.


Applying the Window Decal

Spray the window surface with water. This will allow you to move the window graphic around during installation and smooth out any bubbles.
If you are installing a smaller window decal, you can peel the decal off the release liner and spray the back liberally with water. For larger graphics, you will need to peel back a few inches of the release liner at the top to expose a section of the graphic and spray that section with water. Take care not to touch the adhesive surface any more than necessary to prevent oils from your hands from getting on the adhesive, which can keep it from sticking.


Place top edge of the graphic into place. If it is not level or needs to be moved, reapply water to the window surface and the cling.
Using a rubber squeegee, or even a credit card, slowly squeegee out the air and water going down the graphic in 45 degree strokes, working from the centre out. Use paper towels or a soft cloth to soak up the water as it's squeezed out from between the window and the graphic. Be sure your squeegee does not have any sharp edges or irregularities or it may damage the graphic. You can cover your squeegee with a soft cloth to keep it from causing any damage.
If you are installing a larger graphic, lift the bottom of the graphic so you can reach the paper backing from behind and either pull it off completely, or for very large graphics, just pull back a few feet at time and spray the back with more water. It may help to have an extra pair of hands to help hold the graphic in place during this step so you don't pull it loose from the window while removing the backing.


Continue to squeegee out the water and any bubbles until no more water is being removed.Over the next several hours, any remaining moisture will evaporate and leave a clean installation.


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