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Tips to help you make the right decisions with your Window Graphics


The use of signage in your shop or office window has existed as long as glass has been in use. Anything from a simple “push” sign on your office door to a full coloured graphic display on the shop window.

Window graphics have many uses:

1. Decoration – brighten things up
2. Functional – opening times, store name
3. Call to Action – “sale now on” or “new range inside”
4. Branding – highlight the brand agencies you stock

However, deciding on your window graphics is not a decision to be taken lightly. What should you consider?

1. Objective – What do you expect to achieve from your graphics.
2. Cost – Getting the best return from your budget
3. Longevity – How long will they last?
4. Flexibility – Can they be re-used or tailored?


You should spend quite a bit of time on this matter. Don’t just dress the window space for the sake of it. Focus on a message or a “call to action”. What do you want to communicate to your customers or potential customers? It might be your Summer Sale or your new range of product. Make sure your design is clear, attractive and punchy. Avoid allowing your message to be lost by elaborate designs. If you have product to display in the shop window, please ensure that this product is not smothered by your graphics.


Get the most effective design and coverage for your budget. Keeping it simple can often be more effective, and a little cheaper, in terms of design and print. Evaluate the materials on offer. Often external graphics will work out cheaper than internal graphics, however more prone to vandalism and other kinds of damage. If the usage is short term, do they really need to be laminated? Things to consider.


If you intend to keep your graphics in place long-term, please ensure your printer advises you accordingly. The materials being used, the print process being applied and the lamination options available. It might be more costly up front but definitely cost effective for a long term project.


It might be an idea to advise your designer to consider building flexibility into your design. For example, if the “summer sale” element of your window graphic display is produced separately, then only that piece would need to be removed/replaced when the “winter sale” commences. Static Cling graphics can be removed from the window very easily. If stored correctly, they can be re-used on another occasion, or perhaps at another store.

If you require further advise on window graphics, or any other type of graphic, please let use know

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